#370 LocoNet must Steal address back from VSDecoder

Bob Jacobsen

Virtual Sound Decoder + LocoNet hardware. If the user assigns an address to a VSDecoder first, and then tries to assign that address to a LocoNet-based throttle, the LocoNet throttle must "steal" the address away from the VSDecoder even though the VSDecoder is listen-only.

Apparent root-cause: LocoNetThrottleManager.addListener() creates a throttle if one is not already existing for the given address. This results in the LocoNetSlot being marked "In Use" even though it doesn't need to be.

Resolution is not clear at this time.


  • What needs to be done with this is to place a listener on the loconet slots and wait for when one becomes active with the address that we are looking for, then the throttle manager can put a listener against that slot. What I do not know is how to implement this.

  • Bob Jacobsen
    Bob Jacobsen

    Has this been fixed? There have been some code changes in the area.