doh.  I don't normally fully qualify the domain name.  Here is the full url.

I am currently in the process of trying to rewrite this mess in a much more organized manner.  That said, it still doesn't seem like there's anything going on that should cause a java crash.  But I'm getting desperate as the paper needs to be resubmitted tomorrow :(

Should we take this off the mailing list until a fix/problem can be found?


On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 6:45 PM, Bob Hanson <> wrote:

 Not Found

The requested URL /~pappy/clotelab/lm/getResults.php was not found on
this server.

Apache/2.0.54 Server at Port 80

Jason Persampieri wrote:

> this is it.  It has been 're-crufted' (that is, it's the full version
> of the page again) :)
> http://clavius/~pappy/clotelab/lm/getResults.php?id=5146836237250173881&jmol=1
> <http://clavius/%7Epappy/clotelab/lm/getResults.php?id=5146836237250173881&jmol=1>

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