OK! That's what I like to see. Thanks, Angel. Very fast work there. I'm not sure I have the final answer for the perspective implementation, but I think I'm close. A bit of a fudge there... I'm going to argue that this doesn't have to be perfect. Of course, if it were, that would be nice, too!

2009/7/19 Angel HerrŠez <angel.herraez@uah.es>
Hi all

Following Bob's big improvement on VRML export, I have picked up an old project and
updated the (unreleased until now) exporter for X3D format.
X3D is an XML version of VRML, so features are similar and having it is no great fuss. I just
felt like doing it.

I've tested it quite a bit with several kinds of features, but something might be broken. If you
have trouble, please say so.

The new export format is available both from command ( write x3d myFile.x3d ) and from
the pop-up menu.

While adding this, I have also changed the deafult extensions to match what seems to be
the most widely used ones:

.vrml †==> †.wrl † † † †(world)
.maya ==> .ma † (Maya ascii)

anyway, while exporting one can type any extension.

I plan to revise the pop-up menu and the app's topbar menu so they share similar
functionality regarding export formats. Also, I think we should change "Save" to "Export".

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