That's basically it.

Sam, the key is that the method uses the Marching Cubes algorithm with a VERY specific sequence of checking vertices. No vertex is ever checked twice, but you have to get it exactly right. My Jmol Java implementation of Marching Cubes is at

That expects a BitSet indicating the in/out nature of the vertices coming from the decoder. The decoding is done in

where the actual decoding from integers in the file to a BitSet is in the following method. nPoints integers are expected in the file.

  protected BitSet getVoxelBitSet(int nPoints) throws Exception {
BitSet bs = new BitSet();
int bsVoxelPtr = 0;
if (surfaceDataCount <= 0)
return bs; //unnecessary -- probably a plane
int nThisValue = 0;
while (bsVoxelPtr < nPoints) {
nThisValue = parseInt();
if (nThisValue == Integer.MIN_VALUE) {
line = br.readLine();
// note -- does not allow for empty lines;
// must be a continuous block of numbers.
if (line == null || (nThisValue = parseInt(line)) == Integer.MIN_VALUE) {
if (!endOfData)
Logger.error("end of file in JvxlReader?" + " line=" + line);
endOfData = true;
nThisValue = 10000;
//throw new NullPointerException();
thisInside = !thisInside;
if (thisInside)
bs.set(bsVoxelPtr, bsVoxelPtr + nThisValue);
bsVoxelPtr += nThisValue;
return bs;

This method is being called by readSurfaceData(boolean isMapData). Let us know if you still need help there.

(Please use jmol-developers list for programming issues like this.)


On Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 2:52 PM, Sam Bryfczynski <> wrote:
I like how compact the jvxl format is and would like to use it in my own software.  However, I am having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around how to uncompress it.  I've read over the JVXL file pdf which describes the format but am left scratching my head a bit.  I am mainly confused about what the surface voxel bitmap data is.  It says you can use it to find the "critical edges" but I don't know how.  When the document says "We simply list the number of voxels found sequentially on each side: 115922 outside, 2 inside, 6333 outside, 4 inside…" what does "on each side" mean? The bottom line is I am trying to just get the polygons needed to render the isosurface from the jvxl data.  Ive been looking at the source code and the JvxlReader class and trying to figure out how to best approach this.  Any suggestions?

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