Have you tried OpenBabel as a conversion tool? perhaps your formats are supported there.
On Mar 27, 2007, at 11:52 PM, Karl Harrison wrote:

Dear All,

I've been asked to make some animation sequences for a science museum  

But am a bit stuck on how I can generate suitable .xyz or multi- 
model .pdb files.

I had hoped to use Cambridgesoft Chem 3D to construct the animation  
sequence. Which I can do happily.

But cannot get a suitable the Jmol will read to display as an animation.

Chem 3D will only save in three format which support mulitiple  
frames, "Cart Coord 1", "Cart Coord 2", "MOPAC .mop"

I can provide samples of these file formats (if any one is interested).

What do others use to generate their animation sequences ? Is MDL  
Sculpt the only option.

Looking forward to any help.

Regards, Karl

P.s. I can get the Jmol web page to run happily with all sample .xyz  
animation sequences, so my HTML coding is fine.

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