Safari and Firefox sharing the same Java cache???

This doesn't explain the object vs applet thing, however.

Otis Rothenberger

On Dec 30, 2013, at 4:27 PM, Robert Hanson <> wrote:

It appears that Safari has a very strange "feature" -- at least on my machine, everything works fine using http, but with file://, if I download Jmol, open the zip file, extract the jsmol directory, and start simple2.htm, and immediately clicking on the "Signed" link to get the signed version, the applet fails to load.

However, if I first open the applet in Firefox, then Safari will open it.
If Safari has opened the file, and I change the directory name, then the next time I try this, Safari will not start the applet. However, if I then open that local page in Firefox and then try again in Safari, all is good.

What could possibly be going on? I don't know. But the fact that this is a new problem suggested to me that it's something recent. I remembered that recently I changed Safari settings to using the <applet> tag instead of <object>. Well, guess what? When I switch back to using the <object> tag, everything works normally. No directory problems; no load issues. Go figure.

For whatever reason, it looks like we cannot use the <applet> tag in Safari. I'm sure I had a reason for switching to that, but I can't remember that.


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