all file writing is protected via a dialog already.

On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 12:29 PM, Rolf Huehne <> wrote:
On 11/25/2013 04:09 PM, Robert Hanson wrote:
> Generally Jmol only reads files that it can make sense of, so I don't
> imagine that's a real problem, but in the case of the signed applet and the
> load() FUNCTION, as in:
> print load("xxxx")
> Jmol doesn't try to parse the file. I'd like to propose some limitation of
> this. Perhaps -- specifically for the applet and specifically for "file:"
> protocol:
> 1) no root files:   file:/
> 2) no files w/o extension: file:/wherever/xxxx
> 3) no files with "/." in their path:     file:/wherever/,
> file:/wherever/.hidden/x.x
> Does that sound adequate?
It sounds ok. Should the same also apply to file writing?


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