Wouldn't it be better to have the monitor lines look better, and not have to use hbonds?

On Sat, Dec 24, 2011 at 6:48 PM, Wayne Decatur <wdecatur@yahoo.com> wrote:
Following on the discussion of fine-tuning the measurement value labels but keeping the monitor lines, I thought I'd ask if there is a way to just have the measurement values show up in the normal position between the two atoms but without the monitor line displaying? The typical monitor lines show rather weakly with antialias display is on and so I've been supplementing with hbonds, of which I can easily control the thickness. However, I end up needing the monitor lines to also still be there if I want to have the distance between the two atoms show above the middle of the hydrogen bond. This is fine, but maybe there is a simpler way I am missing to make the result look a bit cleaner without the monitor lines showing in between the dashed thick hbonds I create?


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