This is in JavaScript, but it works with JmolScript as well using  getProperty():
[08:44:18.962] Jmol.getPropertyAsString(jmol, "appletInfo.version")
[08:44:18.963] "\nappletInfo.version\t\"13.1.14_dev24\""
[08:44:41.039] Jmol.getPropertyAsString(jmol, "appletInfo.javaVersion")
[08:44:41.040] "\nappletInfo.javaVersion\t\"0.0(HTML5)\""

User: use the about menu. It provides all this information as well.

On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 8:15 AM, Rolf Huehne <> wrote:
On 03/25/2013 02:03 PM, Robert Hanson wrote:
> User: Really it's simpler than that. If the logo is Jmol, it's java; if
> it's JSmol, it's HTML5. We don't have labels in JSmol/WebGL, so if there's
> no logo, it's WebGL. That's all.
But this won't help with 'frank off'.

> Programmer: Just look at
> <appletName>._jmolType
> This reads one of these four values:
> "Jmol._Canvas2D (JSmol)"
> "Jmol._Canvas3D (JSmol)"
> "Jmol._Applet"
> "Jmol._Applet (signed)"
> In the case where you are allowing alternatives (which we can argue is not
> a good idea anymore because of the way browsers are blocking Java in
> different, undetectable, ways), the  getApplet function  has a third
> parameter "checkOnly" that returns an "applet" but just fills in this
> _jmolType variable so that you can see what it would be IF you created the
> applet.
This covers Javascript. But what about Jmolscript?
You could run the Javascript command from within Jmol but this might
require additional knowledge about the specific page (e.g. <appletName>)
or Javascript might not be available because the application is running.



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