As I was trying to figure this out, I noted that the value for labelOffset must be <= 127 (in pixels). Is there a reason for this limitation? That's not much of the available height/width for most screens.
What I'm trying to do is be able to place labels at the edges of the screen so that they do not occlude the model like they tend to do by default. Some other alignment/justification options for labels (and echo) would be pretty useful, such as WindowLeft, WindowRight, WindowTop, WindowBottom (although use of say WindowLeft+WindowTop with more than one label, unless there was a concept of labels taking up space and so not overlapping, would cause the labels to be on top of each other).
But, I think this is possible without new alignment options, if labelOffset could assume a wider range of values (<=4095 in preparation for 4K screens?).

On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 9:44 PM, James <> wrote:
I know you can get the angstrom coordinates of an atom from atomInfo.[x|y|z], but is it possible to get the XY screen (pixel) coordinates?
If the answer is "not just by querying a variable," is this possible to compute accurately? I can see how you would start this, by taking the angstrom coordinates, adjusting them by the orientation to get what amounts to the angstrom coordinates of the current view, by I don't see how you would then convert angstroms to pixels (if "zoom 0" worked precisely, I could perhaps see how, but it doesn't work precisely for me so I'm not sure how one relates the boundbox size to _height and _width).