Otis, anytime you find that save/restore does not work, I'm interested. It indicates a flaw in the save state business.

I see your second message. My checking suggests, like you say, the double bond issue seems fine.

What's the story on partial bonds?

On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 11:33 PM, Otis Rothenberger <osrothen@chemagic.com> wrote:

I'm working on a multi-user Jmol applet for Skype - i.e. server driven
exchange during a Skype call. While I can send/receive model kit edited
models, I'm running into problems with bond order. Models edited by atom
replacement, breaking a bond, inverting a stereo center, and rotating a
bond exchange nicely. Bond order other than zero (break) presents a
problem. By way of example, if one user sends a model edited by a single
to double bond edit, the other user receives the correct stoichiometry
and sp2 geometry, but the sent double bond shows up as single in the
receiving browser. Bonds edited to triple are also a problem.

I'm using Jmol save/restore state to make these transfers. While trying
to track down the multi-user problem, I discovered that the problem is
Jmol save/restore state. In other words, if I simply do a save/restore
state locally in one browser, the same problems occur. Is this a bug or
a misuse of Jmol state on my part? I'm pretty sure just using the
extracted molfile would work, but exchanging the entire state would be
better. I don't think the extracted molfile would send a model that was
simply bond axis rotated. With the state transfer, one user can send
another user a conformer rotation.

This is all using 12.1.11_dev.


Otis Rothenberger

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