2010/11/30 Angel HerrŠez <angel.herraez@uah.es>
Some follow-up on these topics:

> † † 1. The Chrome problem with jmolWikiPopupWindow().

This is now fixed in the latest Extension in SVN. It was something
specific to Chrome --not displaying applet that is part of a pop-up
window wholly generated from javascript-- and has been now
circumvented (hopefully a later Chrome update will remove this quirk
behaviour and hence the need for this trick).

I will upload the latest version this evening on Jmol wiki.

> † † Still, I find no way to have the window title set in Safari and
> † † Chrome (text showing in the window top bar should be matching what
> † † has been given in the jmolWikiPopupWindow call).

It's ok for Safari, but Chrome still inisits on displaying the
default "empty page" title.


> Using div can be good, but I am not sure having too muchdependencies
> will be much appreciated.

I also resist the idea.
Still, this system for free resizing of the applet based on jQuery is
what is currently used in the PDB site. And it's really cool!

We can try it and see what the reactions are.

> I am not sure if resizing is really required (if we let each user
> choose the size of the applet in its preferences)

To me, resizing is really important. Firts a general view of the
model is enough, but then either one needs to see details, or to
display in the classroom. Being able to grow or even maximize the
window --and have Jmol applet follow the size automatically-- is very


Can really the user (not the wiki admin) choose that preference?

I think that it's possible to have user options for extensions, but I don't know how for the moment ;)

I agree that the new simple tags offer great potential for WP.

I will be able to put some time into desgining templates (html or
mabe php), later in January I hope.

Ok, good.
In the meantime, I think I will start working on the Media handler part.