I'm not sure if you mean mouse move one and not the other and/or script move one and not the other, but it's possible to do both.

One approach with two models in the same window is the following:

var i = {*}.atomIndex.max + 1;var t = {*}.atomIndex.min;select within(branch, {atomIndex=i}, {atomIndex=t})

One model is now addressed as "selected" and the other is addressed as "not selected" during subsequent scripted movement control.

Alternatively, the following script sets you up for mouse translation and rotation of independent models:

set picking off; set picking ON; set atomPicking true; set allowRotateSelected TRUE; set picking dragselected

With multiple models in the window, each model can be mouse rotated or mouse translated. To translate, simply click-drag the model. To rotate, alt-click-drag the model.


Otis Rothenberger

On Apr 26, 2013, at 7:02 PM, Michael Evans wrote:

Hey Jmol'ers! I have an announcement and a question. Firstly, I've redesigned my Jmol web app to run completely on JSmol, and to give it a more full screen feel. Check it out here:

I'd love feedback from the community. For this project, I've prepared a couple of tutorials. For a mouse actions tutorial, I'd like to "freeze" one translucent model while allowing another opaque model with the same composition and geometry to be rotated in front of it, to achieve a sort of "matching" effect. I know how to handle the underlying logic of testing whether the atomic positions of the two models match, but I don't know if one of two models in the Jmol window can be frozen in place.

Any idea if this is possible, and if so, how it could be done? I'd rather not resort to two separate applets. Thanks!

Cheers, Mike

Michael Evans
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
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