I am using version 11.5.35.  I am working with a single alpha helix which I extracted from a globular protein, I 'color structure' before the ramachandran command, and the spheres are plotted white.  I will try upgrading to the most recent version.

>>> Bob Hanson <> 6/17/2008 10:52 PM >>>
They are certainly ok on my version. The default for those is "color
structure". What version are you using?

Karl Oberholser wrote:

> Hi All,

> At one point in time the color of the spheres in Ramachandran plots
> could be set by the color of the atoms in the model.  Now the spheres
> are white regardless of the color of the atoms in the structure.  Has
> something been changed?

> Karl
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Check out the new Marketplace.
It's the best place to buy or sell services for
just about anything Open Source .
Jmol-users mailing list