Hi Angel,

This is a general problem when an English word can be translated differently depending on the context, since the English word is the key used for finding the translation. Basically, this happens because you can only create one translation for each sentence (even if the same sentence is used several times with different meanings).
And we also have a special situation with our 2 .pot files : if the same sentence is in the 2 .pot files, only one translation will be used in the application (because the Java code can't decide which one to use and looks for the first available translation).

IMHO, the solution would be the following :
In English, "[View from]Top" would give "Top", "[Go to]Top" would give "Top" also
In Spanish, you would have translated them differently in the .po files, so the texts should be different.

Do you think this solution is Ok ? Could you check that we don't have English sentences with "[...]" ?


2009/8/30 Angel HerrŠez <angel.herraez@uah.es>
Hi all
I am a bit confused:
there are two kinds of instances of the "Top" token: one in the popup menu, View, meaning
"view from top", another in the script console and script editor, meaning "go to top".
On the localized result in Spanish, I am seeing funny things.

The JmolApplet-es.po file has a single entry for "Top" (translated by me as "Desde arriba",
meaning "[view] from top") that is mapped to
#: org/jmol/console/ScriptEditor.java:134
#: org/jmol/popup/PopupResourceBundle.java:591

However, what I see both in the popup menu and in the console †is "Subir", which
would be my translation for "go to top", but in the po file is only used for "Up", mapped only
#: org/jmol/export/dialog/Dialog.java:466

Before I can tackle the problem of 2 alternative Spanish translations for a single English
term, I must understand what is going on.
†Is there a chance that the POTand PO files need to be regenerated?

Tested in 11.8.1, 11.8.2, 11.9.1

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