I am using Jmol 11.8.17 and having problems with jmolAppletInline trying to get it to read the script.


What I want it to do is switch off the wire and just display the protein cartoon group colours and the molecule to spin around.


First of all I can’t get any changes in the molecule without putting in the delay & spin.

Second, the delay only works with ‘delay 2’, if I change it to ‘delay  1’ then it just freezes.


This command works but it has the wireframe for 2 seconds and then displays the cartoons and spins. I want it to display the cartoon from the start and then spin.


jmolAppletInline(650, initPDB, "delay 2;spin on;select all;cpk off;ribbons off;wireframe off;cartoons;select protein;color cartoon group;");




Mhairi Marshall