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new feature: THROW command
-- accepts unquoted string or @x simple variable substitution
-- examples:
throw this is an error
x = "this is an error"
throw @x
resulting in:
this is an error
----line 3 command 3 of try:
throw >> "this is an error" <<
----line 10 command 1 of t.spt:
script "t.spt"


bug fix: color atoms formalcharge not saved in state
bug fix: averageAtomPosition never updated.
bug fix: load of model with one atom does not set center to that atom
bug fix: ==/!= comparison not appropriate for arrays or strings
-- string/string comparison should be case sensitive, but wasn't
-- (you can use x %9999 == y %9999 to force no-case comparison)
-- array/array comparison should be element by element and exact
-- assoc.array/assoc.array should be key/value by key/value and exact
-- int/decimal comparison should be simply numerical, always
-- decimal/decimal comparison should be able to be done without the < 1e-6 cutoff
-- you can now use [x] == [y] for exact numerical comparison
-- string/int and string/decimal comparison should also only be outside of arrays
-- all approximations for type1/type2 should be only outside the context of arrays

bug fix: array/string assignment broken in 14.1.9
-- a[2] = ...
-- a["testing"] = ...

bug fix; HTML5 popup frank mini-menu not implemented
bug fix: HTML5 popup menu checkboxes not turning off
bug fix: zap <model Number> or zap {atom expression} broken
-- does not affect ZAP command without parameters

hansonr 2014-02-20

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