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new feature: set platformSpeed [0 to 10]
-- basically an expanded "set wireframe OFF" with more options
-- only effected during model rotation
(including mouse dragging, spin, vibration, and animation)
-- value >= enables
8 antialiasDisplay
7 translucency
6 meshes (contact, draw, isosurface, MO, pmesh, lcaocartoon, CGO)
5 cartoons, rockets, trace, ribbon
4 geosurfaces
3 ellipsoids
2 wireframe and balls
1 none of the above (same as "set wireframeRotation off")
0 [reserved for "auto"]

hansonr 2013-08-17

changed /trunk/Jmol/src/org/jmol/viewer/
/trunk/Jmol/src/org/jmol/viewer/ Diff Switch to side-by-side view