Commit [r18500] Maximize Restore History


bug fix: Gaussian cube format changed and not recognized (extra "1" in third line).
bug fix: PDB header don't do trim();
bug fix: isosuface ID @x ... becomes isosurface ID "@x"
bug fix: color chain broken
bug fix: rockets with color chain
bug fix: filter ":X" broken
bug fix: O not 2- in PDB adding hydrogens
bug fix: NWChem reader error

bug fix: JSmol 2-sided surface color problem due to Java2Script miscoding of Number.shortValue()
bug fix: PyMOLMeshReader code clean-up.

bug fix: PyMOL mesh reader broken for EDS files

bug fix: MMCIF_PDBX structures not being read

bug fix: allow PyMOL PSE files reading as part of a set of files, not just by itself

bug fix: quaternion plots not synched with originating structure
bug fix: 1skt.cif loses secondary structure (MMCIF_PDBX reader needed)

bug fix: set showTiming not functional
bug fix: set pdbAddHydrogens does not set formal charge on O(1-) or "O" of H2O (2-)
bug fix: PNGJ files not properly caching, and PSE files with DOCACHE option

hansonr 2013-07-28

changed /branches/v13_2/Jmol/src/org/jmol/viewer/
/branches/v13_2/Jmol/src/org/jmol/viewer/ Diff Switch to side-by-side view