#517 Crash in JmolApplet with NullPointerException

Bob Hanson
Applet (71)

Expected Behaviour:
Open (e.g.) http://jmol.sourceforge.net/demo/trace/ in a tab, create a new tab and (again) go to http://jmol.sourceforge.net/demo/trace/ in the new tab. Switching between each tab shows a running Jmol applet in each.

Buggy Behaviour:
Same instructions as above. Only the applet in the newest tab works, the older tab has an applet that is black background, no molecule display and the word Jmol in the lower-left of the applet.

A dump of the console is attached including a backtrace showing the NullPointerException.

Relevant software:
*Jmol 12.2.7
*Firefox (Iceweasel) 8.0
*IcedTea Web plugin 1.1.4
*OpenJDK 6b23~pre11


  • Bob Hanson
    Bob Hanson

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  • Bob Hanson
    Bob Hanson

    This is not a Jmol problem, it's a browser bug. I'm seeing the expected behavior in Firefox 8/Windows 7 at that site. Please report it to Iceweasel support. Looks like you have a good case and good example. They should be able to find the problem relatively quickly.

    From that error trace it's pretty clear that the browser sent an applet.destroy() call to the first applet (which later triggered an exception in the Jmol g3d package, because the renderer had a null platform field). I'm guessing it happened when the second tab was opened and the first page became hidden. Please pass that on to them.