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Commit Date  
[r1127] (HEAD) by djemili

- tweaked colors

2009-03-14 16:26:23 Tree
[r1126] by djemili

- let CardCounterPanel implement LearnSessionObserver and LearnCardObserver

2009-03-14 16:15:46 Tree
[r1125] by djemili

- added new LC constants for time

2009-03-14 15:56:26 Tree
[r1124] by djemili

- made TimerPanel implement LearnSessionObserver

2009-03-14 15:55:55 Tree
[r1123] by djemili

- added new color constant

2009-03-14 15:40:34 Tree
[r1122] by djemili

- overwrote setBackground(Color) method in

2009-03-14 15:19:22 Tree
[r1121] by djemili

- added support for storing the count of skips for a card
- disable skip button when a card has already been skipped 3 times

2009-03-14 13:50:15 Tree
[r1120] by djemili

- renamed image related methods to be more generic

2009-03-10 22:02:28 Tree
[r1119] by djemili

- renamed MediaRepository.m_imageMap to MediaRepository.m_mediaMap

2009-02-26 22:51:59 Tree
[r1118] by djemili

- moved MediaRepository into new media package

2009-02-26 22:27:09 Tree
[r1117] by djemili

- renamed ImageRepository to MediaRepository

2009-02-26 21:29:08 Tree
[r1116] by djemili

- suppress warnings in old method

2009-02-26 21:12:30 Tree
[r1115] by djemili

- serialize if front side is shown during learn session (this time for real)

2009-02-25 23:11:28 Tree
[r1114] by djemili

- serialize shown card sides during learn session

2009-02-25 22:36:03 Tree
[r1113] by djemili

- removed old image code from

2009-02-22 20:30:12 Tree
[r1112] by djemili

- made card sides in card panel resizable (they are split panes now)

2009-02-22 20:19:50 Tree
[r1111] by djemili

- reworked pasting of images into cards (with help of Martin K. Scherer)

2009-02-22 18:01:12 Tree
[r1110] by djemili

- minor refactoring in LearnSettings

2009-02-22 16:33:30 Tree
[r1109] by djemili

added Korean translation in UTF-8 format

2009-01-14 21:22:28 Tree
[r1108] by djemili

updated Norwegian translation (thanks to Haakon Meland Eriksen)

2009-01-14 20:47:52 Tree
[r1107] by djemili

added Korean translation

2009-01-11 19:05:53 Tree
[r1106] by djemili

- added category-add-button to card toolbars

2009-01-11 18:18:39 Tree
[r1105] by djemili

- added find command to category tree

2008-11-30 15:19:42 Tree
[r1104] by djemili

show count of cards in category combo box

2008-11-29 14:07:16 Tree
[r1103] by djemili

merged 1.3.x branch into trunk

2008-09-16 20:00:00 Tree
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