jMemorize 0.9.2 released

jMemorize is an open-source Java application that manages your
learning processes by using flashcards and the famous Leitner
system. jMemorize makes memorizing facts not only more efficient
but also more fun. It boosts your whole learning experience and
features categories, statistics and a visually appealing and
intuitive interface.

This is the official release for jMemorize 0.9.2.
This version brings the probably two most often requested features:
translations and font customization.

For now this version has English, German, Turkish (by Ali Baser),
Esperanto (by Kristjan Schmidt) and Danish (by Adam Ehlers Nyholm Thomsen)
translations and its really easy
to add more. You wont even have to recompile jMemorize so that this
can really by done by everybody even without any programming
knowledge. Check the FAQ on the project homepage for the simple

Also this version allows you to customize the card font display
and setting your own font and font size. This should especially help
people that are working with asian characters and that had
problems with too small characters or characters that werent displayed

Last but not least there are some nice usabilty improvments.
Adam Ehlers Nyholm Thomsen added keyboard shortcuts that can be used
while learning. Also while creating/editing cards you can now simply
change the current card side by pressing TAB.

For more details see the change log on the jMemorize homepage.





Posted by Riad Djemili 2006-01-03