Hey everyone,

I'm relatively new to this project but I've been using jMemorize for a few months now and love it. I'd love to start becoming involved with the development effort but first I have to get a build working. I am on Mac OS 10.4, using Eclipse 3.3.0 with Java 1.5. The following is exactly what I've done:

Using the subclipse plugin, I checked out trunk>jmemorize from the svn repo as a new project

Noticing there was an ant buildfile, I went to properties>builders

I noticed noticed two builders already in use:
    Java Builder
    Missing building (com.atlassw.tools.eclipse.checkstyle.CheckstyleBuilder)

I disabled both and created a new ant builder
I used build.xml as the buildfile and the root folder I checked out (jMemorize) as the base directory

I went to Project>Build Project and got a nice successful build in the console (including Checkstyle stuff)

I went to src>jmemorize>core>Main.java, tried to run as java application and got the error "selection does not contain a main type", even though this file definitiely does have a psvm method.

Any idea what I am doing wrong here?

Thanks for your help,