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JmDNS 3.4.0 Posted

  • Pierre Frisch
    Pierre Frisch

    Hi All,

    We just released JmDNS 3.4.0 for ant on source forge and on maven central.

    Please read the changelog as there are some fairly significant changes that could affect you application. In Particular there is one change that you need to be careful about:
    ********* JmDNS is now case preserving, which was the intent all along. Check your code as we JmDNS may return mixed case in instances where it was returning lower case. *********



    PS: Sorry for the numbering I made a mistake during the release and skipped on number. The is no and never will be a 3.3.x. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Melloware Inc
    Melloware Inc

    Congrats and great work.    The cleanup of the thread deadlock issues I think is a huge improvement as well as the IPV4 cleanup you did.