jManage 1.0.2 is the second maintenance release in the 1.0 series, with some critical bug fixes for WebSphere support. 

You can download 1.0.2 from:

Change Log:

Feature Requests:

1404123 - Add option to have checkboxes for boolean attributes

Bugs fixed:

1408681 - Graph: Limit the number of elements in the TimeSeries
1407460 - Logger should be initialized before UserManager
1407534 - Websphere 6.0: Attributes/Operations are not listed
1407550 - Websphere: The URL shows up as "null" under Managed Apps
1407653 - Configured Alerts have redundant "App Name" on app view page
1407549 - Fix the display issue with long MBean names
1391482 - Incorrect message when deleting a graph
1390678 - Improve the input field text when viewed from IE