Notifications are received by Jmanage

  • Hello All,
    JManage does not show any alert/notification  when I invoke a method which is sending a notification. I have this simple code in my MBean and I want each invokation give me an alert in JManage console:
    public String someBusinessMethod(){      
            Notification notif;
            notif = new Notification("send", this, sequenceNumber++);
            return "business method is invoked:";

    I can see notification in the JConsole each time I invoke this method (clicking the method button thru JConsole or Jmange) but shows no alert in JManage.

    I have already added an alert where source type is "MBean Notification" in JMange.
    I am new to JMange so forgive me if I missed something in configuring.

    Thanks for help.

    • I missed "not" in subject line ..sorry :)

      Notifications are NOT received by Jmanage.