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Unable to connect to the pc using N73

  • vincent

    I tried using nokia N73 to connect to the PC, I use Automatic detection, it detected the PC's BT and return an error msg:-


    javax.bluetooth.BluetoothStateException: Busy

    I tried also Manual Settings for the BT, it return:-


    Can't make the connection: SymbianOS error = -6312: General:System error

    I have tested it in SE W580i, there is no problem at all. Just want to know if you guys have this problem?

    Please help. Thanks.

  • I think it is a nokia problem in general… trying to find solution mine is Nokia 5800.. Please post a solution.

  • kiran tambe
    kiran tambe

    Same problem on nokia 5230

  • joint_striker

    Same problem with Nokia 6680, if I try to setup a manual server I receive a slightly different error:
    SymbianOS error = -35: General:System error

    I think this error code (-35) stands for "Unable to establish connection"
    My guess is that the phones that get the "javax.bluetooth.BluetoothStateException: Busy" error may get it because of some differences in the way connections are handled. But it would be nice if the developer had something to say, I'm no programmer but I wouldn't mind tweaking the source code if only I could be pointed in the right direction.

  • joint_striker

    I've had a breakthrough with JM2PC since my last post.

    Turns out that errors either:
    - Manual server connection: SymbianOS error = -34: General:System error
    - Automatic server connection: javax.bluetooth.BluetoothStateException: Busy
    Are not the a JM2PC client or server problem, instead it's the PC Bluetooth configuration that jeopardizes the connection.
    I'm not about to explain in full detail how I solved it, but if someone needs more help just ask..

    I have a Conceptronics CBTU2 bluetooth dongle, but I don't like the BlueSoleil software so in my case I was using the native Windows Bluetooth Support Service and I always had the above errors with JM2PC. When I decided to install and try the BlueSoleil software (and drivers) it started working. At this point I only managed to establish a connection by manually setting the server address in JM2PC BT client, but anyway it worked.

    Now the problem is that straightforward applications like SmartCam (http://smartcam.sourceforge.net/) stopped working with Bluetooth returning a connection error. I might get it to work with BlueSoleil but hadn't the time yet. What I did is I uninstalled BlueSoleil and SmartCam worked again, so at this point I have to alternate between native Windows Bluetooth Support Service and BlueSoleil.

    I hope this helps.