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JLokalize reached final status

I can proudly announce that JLokalize is final now. No further development is planned. The latest release version 1.1 contains all planned features and simply does what is should do. Have fun with it and I am looking forward now to new projects.

Posted by Trilarion 2011-11-14

Released JLokalize 1.1

Today version 1.1 is out. After over 107 source code changes the programm is working stable with all planned features. The user interface is very easy to use now and many useful functions like a reversal function or spell checking has been incorporated. Further development is not planned. So let's celebrate this moment of awe. ;)

Posted by Trilarion 2011-11-11

Release JLokalize 1.0

Today we are very proud to bring version 1.0 out. After over 100 source code commits the programm is essentially working and in good shape. It has been re-programmed from the scratch, however Attesoro will remain the nice granddad. The user interface is already quite easy to use and will be improved further. So let's celebrate this and then after awhile, we will continue... :)

Posted by Trilarion 2011-06-01