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JLibrary / News: Recent posts

jLibrary: 1.2 has been released.

jLibrary is a DMS (Document Management System), oriented for personal and enterprise use. This double approach make from jLibrary an unique product. With jLibrary, you can classify your documents, videos, or any other media type.

jLibrary 1.2 has been released. This update release includes several performance and scalability improvements as well as new exciting features:

- Memory usage has been drastically reduced. You can have now your repository from as low as 64Mb of RAM.
- Every repository created from the desktop tool is immediately available in the web. Documents can be displayed and edited both from the desktop and from your favourite browser.
- Repositories can be easily customized through freemarker templates for making them more web-friendly.
- The UI has been migrated to Eclipse 3.4.
- Many UI usability improvements.
- Server side has been updated to Jackrabbit 1.4.
- Storage migrated to use Jackrabbit's bundled persistence managers that are quite more perfomant.
- An MBean layer has been added to expose transparently the status of the server.
- Session management has been also improved.
- Support for adding, editing and removing document's custom properties from the UI.
- Integrated WTP XML editor for XML editing.
- Improved Maven support. Maven builds both server and client RCP application. Artifacts have been made public to make development easier.
- Some minor fixes in the security model.
- Many bugs fixed.... read more

Posted by Andrey Grebnev 2008-07-31

Blandware company has joined the JLibrary project

The Russian IT company Blandware (http://www.blandware.com), represented by Andrey Grebnev, has joined the JLibrary project and become a rightful owner of one-half of the project.

Blandware is the combination of profound educational background and R&D traditions in alliance with the world famous creativity of Russian developers. Blandware has 5 years experience and deep expertise in JEE applications, especially in the area of Content Management Systems (CMS). Blandware has its own two open-source CMS projects: AtLeap (http://atleap.dev.java.net) and AtLeapLite (http://atleaplite.sourceforge.net/).... read more

Posted by Andrey Grebnev 2008-07-10

Web page migrated to new domain

As you probably alredy know we opened a public demo last month allowing visitors to publish their documents and try jLibrary. This demo allowed us to test jLibrary performance on the internet and to optimize some bits and pieces.

Now we are ready for the next stage. We have migrated the jLibrary home page that traditionally has been sitting down at sourceforge.net these years to a brand new domain: www.jlibrary.org. ... read more

Posted by mpermar 2007-12-16

Web online demo available

Hi all,

Finally we finished an online demo of jLibrary. This demo will be distributed with the next jLibrary update and will serve as a web browser. Eventually, the current web at http://jlibrary.sourceforge.net will be moved to an online repository as well.

Demo is accesible at http://demo.jlibrary.org and you will be able to create, update and delete content in a special playground area. Demo also features authentication, RSS feeds and search services apart from traditional features from jLibrary like categorization, relations, favorites, etc. Also note that you can access the online demo using jLibrary desktop browser as well. There instructions on the demo page about how to do this. ... read more

Posted by mpermar 2007-11-22

SVN structure changed

jLibrary has been updated to a more rational SVN structure with trunk, branches and tags folders. There is now a tag for the 1.1 release.

All the experimental and new development will be performed in the trunk so if you wish to use a stable release I strongly encourage you to use the 1.1 tag.

Posted by mpermar 2007-07-08

jLibrary 1.1 released!

jLibrary 1.1 has been released. jLibrary 1.1 is a step ahead in jLibrary scalability adding better performance and less memory compsumption specially handling large files.

The server has been improved with a new HTTP tunnelling layer replacing the old web services one and so improving scalability. Web Services layer is now optional. An additional feature in the server side is now the support for custom properties for documents. ... read more

Posted by mpermar 2007-07-01

jLibrary 1.0.2 released!

The unfortunate bug within jLibrary 1.0.1 version has been fixed and jLibrary 1.0.2 is ready to be downloaded. You can download it from the downloads (http://jlibrary.sourceforge.net/0/index.html) section.

Posted by mpermar 2006-06-24

jLibrary 1.0.1 released!

One month after jLibrary release we are proud to announce that jLibrary 1.0.1 is now available. jLibrary 1.0.1 is a bugfix release that solves many bugs but also adds some features. You can take a look at the complete changelog (http://jlibrary.sourceforge.net/8/history.html) to find more information about the bugs fixed. Some of the new features are new Galician, Portuguese and Russian translations and also the integration of the JCRBrowser (http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/jcrbrowser) project under a new JCR perspective that will allow you to see the internals of your repository information.... read more

Posted by mpermar 2006-06-18

New article: How to use the jLibrary API

jLibrary is a complex project that involves many ideas behind it. So, for first adopters it cannot be as easy as I would think to understand the jLibrary architecture and API. So, I have created an article that shows how to use the jLibrary API to download the contents from some web archives and create a repository with those contents. You can also browse the code directly from the CVS.

See the article: http://jlibrary.sourceforge.net/6/api-usage.html

Posted by mpermar 2006-05-27

jLibrary 1.0 released

Library 1.0 final has been released. jLibrary is the first Open Source Document Management System based on Eclipse Rich Client Platform. It uses a backend based on the JSR-170 reference implementation, Apache Jackrabbit, and can run on any J2EE compliant application server like jboss, Geronimo, or even Apache Tomcat.

Some of the most notable jLibrary features are:

* Based on the JSR-170 specification.
* Modulable architecture based on Eclipse Rich Client Platform.
* Ability to add third-party plugins.
* Support for multiple databases and storage systems.
* Local and remote repositories.
* Repositories are accessible with a Web Services based interface with SOAP+Attachments support.
* Simple WebDAV and Web views also available.
* XPath search support to search on document contents and on every property.
* JCR Browser to browse JSR-170 based repositories.
* JAAS support for custom login module access.
* Security synchronization interface to easily synchronize users and groups with your LDAP or user databases.
* Support for soft-deleted documents.
* Plugabble API to add new service and repository implementations.
* Easy to use desktop management interface.
* Ability to easily drag and drop contents between repositories.
* Copy-paste and drag and drop support from the operating system.
* 4 different perspectives to effectively separate responsabilities.
* 21 different views also configurable.
* GEF based relations diagram editor.
* Translated to English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.
* A welcome screen to guide users starting with jLibrary.
* Online update support thanks to Eclipse RCP update plug-in.
* ActiveX support offering the user the posibility to use their common applications to edit their documents: Microsoft Word, Open Office, Adobe Acrobat, Autodesk AutoCAD, etc.
* Wizards based user interface making user to work with the application.
* Tools management. The user can easy configure the tools that he wants to use to externally open documents.
* Integrated properties view to show very fast document,directories,resources and repository properties.
* Support of drag & drop between different views, allowing very fast, easy and intuitive work.
* Easy export/import feature to share their repositories.
* Web crawling support, allowing the user to download entire web sites to his repository.
* Easy security and category management.
* Multipage and multieditor support.
* Use of Eclipse RCP preferences API to manage user preferences.
* Possibility to load/store content from the operating system directly into documents.
* Modern editors thanks to the use of Eclipse Forms: attractive look, flat widgets, expandable sections, ...
* Customized editors for all the entities: documents, directories, repositories, users, categories, ...
* Source code editors for common text files like XML or HTML with source highlighting... read more

Posted by mpermar 2006-05-18

jLibrary at EclipseCon 2006

I have the great pleasure to announce that jLibrary will be at EclipseCon 2006 (http://www.eclipsecon.org). The project, will be presented at the Open Source Pavillion, and we hope to have a version very close to which would be the final 1.0 version.

See u there.

Posted by mpermar 2006-02-13

jLibrary 1.0beta4 mainteinance version

We have released a mainteinance version from jLibrary 1.0beta4. This version, fix an important bug that made jLibrary UI freeze when working with the standalone server.

If you do not want to download the entire packages, you can also try to overwrite your local files with the ones located at http://jlibrary.sourceforge.net/patch/

Posted by mpermar 2006-01-30

jLibrary 1.0beta4 released!

Release notes : jLibrary 1.0beta4

jLibrary 1.0beta4 is a great step forward in jLibrary history. During the last four months, I have migrated the old hibernate based backend to a new one based on Apache Jackrabbit (http://incubator.apache.org/jackrabbit). This makes jLibrary finally JSR-170 compatible, as all the repositories are JSR-170 compatibles. In addition, jLibrary has now better performance, is now more robust and solid, and also less buggy :-) Apache Jackrabbit gives also new features like the possibility to access jLibrary repositories through other JSR-170 compatible products or throught a new Web-DAV interface.
So, as you can imagine, there are several changes:... read more

Posted by mpermar 2006-01-10

jLibrary 1.0beta3 released!

jLibrary 1.0beta3 has been released. jLibrary is an Open Source document management system oriented for personal and enterprise use that leverages several successful open source products like Apache Axis, Apache Tomcat, Hibernate, Eclipse, Apache Lucene, HTMLParser, PDFBox, Log4j, and much more. jLibrary is also one of the biggest, maybe the biggest one, Open Source applications developed using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform technology.... read more

Posted by mpermar 2005-09-05

jLibrary 1.0 beta2 released

The last version of jLibrary, jLibrary 1.0 beta2 has been released. jLibrary is a desktop based CMS built using the latest Java technology. The client is developed with Eclipse Rich Client Platform, and is the biggest Open Source product developed with this technology available. The server uses several J2EE Open Source premium projects like Tomcat, Axis, Hibernate or Lucene.

You can check the release notes in this URL:http://jlibrary.sourceforge.net/en/Documentation/release_beta2.html... read more

Posted by mpermar 2005-05-06