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The third realization of JKepler is completed

New version of JKepler is more powerful and with fixed bugs, many of basic astronomical and mathematical algorithms are separated in new library jfalib - Java Fundamental Astronomy Library.

Posted by Peter Hristozov 2010-04-13

Second realization of JKepler is completed to download

New version of Java astronomical library "JKepler" is published. JKepler implements modern algorithms for Kepler's paradigm of Solar system. New version includes algorithms for astronomical phenomena and features, Julian date, and support of JPL ephemerides.

Posted by Peter Hristozov 2009-05-30

First realization of JKepler is available for download.

The realization includes the base library for working with vectors and matrices, original algorithm for finding a position and velocity from orbital elements, classes for orbital elements of major planets and their satellites. Libraries are designed with NetBeans IDE.

Posted by Peter Hristozov 2008-09-22