New Release Around the Corner!

Here are some changes you'll notice:
* Remote DB querying
-- You can now query a DB over the 'net by specifying the appropriate info. Thus, you don't need to download a full dictionary file!
* Charset/Encoding change
-- Allows user to choose user's own default/preferred Charset/Encoding for user's machine: therefore, UNIX users can use EUC-JP for user's results, and WinXP users can use windows-1252 or whatever. The list is self-populating and varies by VM/Machine.
* Another LAF for folks
-- Added the Compiere CLooks_100.jar LAF to the project. I'm going to add a theme selector soon.
* Broke KanjiKard
-- The game shows you the answers. I'll have this fixed by the next release.
* Indexing
-- As promised, yet delivered. :-)
* GUI cleaning
-- Cleaned up lots of little OS dependent stuff and cleaned up the GUI in general. Added labels and buttons and menu stuff; nifty

Posted by Jason Vertrees 2002-05-29