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Jipe0.96 released

Just a minor update that fixes some bugs. AFAICT Jipe will now work with J2SDK 1.4, but please inform me if you have any problems.

Posted by Jason Hardman 2002-05-08

Under new management

Steve Lawson, the creator of Jipe, recently became unable to continue development and support of Jipe. I, Jason Hardman (elesario@users.sourceforge.net), have stepped in to continue in his footsteps (excuse the pun).

For more information go to http://jipe.sourceforge.net

Posted by Jason Hardman 2002-04-09

Jipe 0.93 Released

Ok, I know it was only a couple of days ago when I just released 0.92, however I decided to add JSwat a GUI debug package. I've also made a few tweaks to jipe.properties.

Posted by Steve Lawson 2000-10-22

Jipe 0.92 Released

The latest version of Jipe (0.92), an open source, small yet powerful java IDE can now be found at jipe.sourceforge.net

Posted by Steve Lawson 2000-10-21