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  • Shawn Leeson
    Shawn Leeson

    Greetings fellow chess players. I am using Jin to play on FICS and I love the feel of the program. I even found how to save all of my games into a PGN file under preferences/game logger. My question is now that I have a PGN file with all of my games, how can I review them with Jin? I have tried going to properties in the PGN file to try to assign Jin as the associated program to open the file with, but Jin is not listed as an option. Do I have to download another different program to review my games? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer...

    • Bennett Joseph
      Bennett Joseph

      Using Jin you're able to see the last 20 games you've played on FICS using the 'history' command when you're logged into the server.  Beyond the last 20 games you'll need another program.

      If you're using Windows I'd use Chessbase Light, available here:

      If you're using Linux I'd use Scid, available here: (even though there's an installer for Windows it feels very Unixish).