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 				    <p>A comprehensive discussion of the design and implementation of the original Jikes RVM adaptive optimization system is given in the<a href="http://docs.codehaus.org/display/RVM/Publications#Publications-aos">OOPSLA 2000 paper</a> by Arnold, Fink, Grove, Hind and Sweeney. A number of aspects of the system have been changed since 2000, so a better resource is a technical report <a href="http://domino.research.ibm.com/comm/research_people.nsf/pages/dgrove.RC23429.html">Nov. 2004 technical report</a> that describes the architecture and implementation in some detail. This section of the userguide is based on section 5 of the 2004 technical report.
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 <p>The implementation of the Jikes RVM adaptive optimization system uses a number of Java threads: several organizer threads in the runtime measurements component, the controller thread, and the compilation thread. The various threads are loosely coupled, communicating with each other through shared queues and/or the other in memory data structures. All queues in the system are blocking priority queues; if a consumer thread performs a dequeue operation when the queue is empty, it suspends until a producer thread performs an enqueue operation.</p>
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