Soc2011 Log

Commit Date  
[538c73] (2.0.1) by Repository Conversion

Release 2.0.1

2001-11-14 19:08:24 Tree
[c26f32] by Repository Conversion

Conversion of tag with changes for 2.0.1.

2001-11-14 19:08:23 Tree
[6e5cb3] by Martin Trapp

removed comment at start of file

2001-11-14 19:08:23 Tree
[553acf] by Martin Trapp


2001-11-14 18:33:11 Tree
[0f584a] by Dave Grove

improve intra-tree cycle detection

2001-11-14 18:29:13 Tree
[3b2d74] by Dave Grove


2001-11-14 18:28:54 Tree
[bace6c] by Dave Grove

remove limitation fixed in 2.0.1

2001-11-14 18:28:26 Tree
[b84f4c] by Arvin Shepherd

Include summary line in live object dump

2001-11-14 17:41:42 Tree
[a14c82] by Dave Grove

Initial Revision

2001-11-14 14:29:50 Tree
[419314] by Dave Grove

allow displacement-only addressing move to support FIXED_JTOC optimization

2001-11-13 20:51:55 Tree
[aeb927] by Dave Grove

BURS improvements

2001-11-13 20:00:32 Tree
[34c062] by Peter Sweeney

fix java documentation

2001-11-13 19:10:17 Tree
[8597a8] by Peter Sweeney

update CVS Id tag

2001-11-13 18:44:54 Tree
[6dbe0b] by Dave Grove

tweak priority heuristic for readySet

2001-11-13 18:05:40 Tree
[a9b642] by Stephen Fink

constant-fold JTOC (still disabled)

2001-11-13 18:04:06 Tree
[42cd57] by Dave Grove

Rework detection of problem edges to greatly reduce the number of nodes that are forced to be tree roots to guarentee that the tree-root graph is acyclic

2001-11-13 17:00:26 Tree
[173575] by Julian Dolby

fix for synchronization bug

2001-11-13 15:21:06 Tree
[a73035] by Stephen Fink

refactor and slightly improve handling of scratch registers

2001-11-12 22:08:25 Tree
[593e8f] by Dave Grove

convert work stack to priority queue (ordered by register usage

2001-11-12 18:11:30 Tree
[fb21c8] by Janice Shepherd

Add inclusion of env var DEBUG_ARGS in jbuild.linkImage script

2001-11-12 16:38:53 Tree
[4bd215] by Dave Grove

add BaseBaseCopyGenFixed

2001-11-12 14:27:27 Tree
[3c1dde] by Dave Grove

test both CopyGenVariable and CopyGenFixed

2001-11-12 14:27:10 Tree
[fc114a] by Dave Grove

set phases=true for trace output: try to id the memory pig that is causing Full/Fast bootimages to run out of memory

2001-11-12 13:03:25 Tree
[f2a61c] by Stephen Fink

Run on 4 processors on Linux only

2001-11-10 17:31:45 Tree
[d6885b] by Stephen Fink

fix bug in FMOV optimization

2001-11-10 12:32:03 Tree
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