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[ed0191] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

RunAgentThread, not really working

2011-08-16 07:51:55 Tree
[51a49e] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

Add ThreadEnd event. This should take care of (one of) the memory leaks involving thread-local storage. It's not pretty, though - the way we call the event trampoline needs rethinking

2011-08-02 03:47:45 Tree
[571722] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

ThreadStart event, and some small callback plumbing

2011-07-28 10:46:39 Tree
[1a5b44] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

Working VMInit event, including fixing event callback paramater handling

2011-07-24 11:49:53 Tree
[bfefa1] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

event callback support, with only VMStart implemented

2011-07-21 07:39:02 Tree
[2862d7] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

rm debugging cruft

2011-07-20 03:15:33 Tree
[4098dc] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

factor out event trampoline methods, bug fixes

2011-07-20 01:28:56 Tree
[5dbc2c] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

Use a SysCall to restore the thread register

2011-07-07 07:15:43 Tree
[75e85d] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

Working JVMTIFunction calls, but some probably important frame pointer stuff isn't working yet.

2011-07-06 08:59:50 Tree
[74b831] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

missing files

2011-07-05 13:44:06 Tree
[939847] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

Progress - declare a JVMTI table and build it like the JNI one. The pointer munging into native code is right, but the compiled method from the function table is nowhere to be found...

2011-07-05 13:40:17 Tree
[56afb3] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

Refactor into a new package under org.jikesrvm.runtime; add command line arg parsing for -agentlib and -agentpath (only agentpath works currently)

2011-06-28 06:17:34 Tree
[f88d2a] by James Bornholt James Bornholt

Implement loading of JVMTI agents and calling out to their Agent_OnLoad methods. Agent path is hardcored for now, and nothing works inside the agent (i.e. GetEnv doesn't work yet).

2011-06-27 10:19:33 Tree
[0fc023] by Robin Garner

Use alignment encoding of frequent object patterns in conjunction with
hand-inlined scanning code. Speeds up specialized scanning by ~3-5%,
and non-specialized scanning by ~20%.

2011-02-28 05:27:18 Tree
[2034b9] by Robin Garner

Necessary infrastructure for encoding data in the alignment of
TIB pointers. Used in some forthcoming GC optimizations.

2011-02-24 07:05:55 Tree
[1a74e0] by Robin Garner

Speed up fallback (ie non-specialized) GC

2011-02-23 00:17:04 Tree
[a065d0] (release3.1.1) by Repository Conversion

Release 3.1.1

2010-07-05 12:50:16 Tree
[c7660b] by Daniel Frampton

RVM-885. Replace old perfctr code with new code using Linux perf events via libpfm4. New libpfm4 code based on contribution from Laurence Hellyer.

2010-06-25 07:25:56 Tree
[ff471f] by Dave Grove

RVM-866: update javadoc of AnnotationAdder::main

2010-06-24 02:10:43 Tree
[a0f738] by Steve Blackburn

RVM-845 Laurence Hellyer. Add support for primitive read and write barriers. Performance neutral: thorough performance testing on production collector showed 1.000 across dacapo and spec (ie no change to 3 decimal places).

2009-12-23 01:19:47 Tree
[93eb4e] by Robin Garner

Add cast to make GCC 4.4.1 (Ubuntu 9.10) happy

2009-11-26 03:40:00 Tree
[b98551] by Dave Grove

RVM-856 : Support for building under OS X 10.6. Patch thanks to Laurence Hellyer.

2009-09-09 16:10:08 Tree
[7df310] by Dave Grove

knownStaticField for java.util.HashMap.
This field is present in the HashMap used in IBM Java 6,
so I didn't realize that it wasn't there in other class libs.

2009-09-08 13:46:56 Tree
[997524] by Dave Grove

Minor cleanup to add same level of error checking to the "knownStaticField"
logic for the Harmony class libaries as we have for the GNU Classpath

Also rename copyKnownClasspathFOO to copyKnownFOO since we call the code
for all class libs (not just Classpath).

2009-09-03 04:19:27 Tree
[275090] by Dave Grove

Upgrade to latest harmony milestone built (M10, r782693).

remove usage of ant.exe property from build/components/harmony.xml;
we assume ant is in the user's path in lots of other places, so may
as well make the same assumption here instead of forcing ant to be in /usr/bin.

2009-08-11 14:38:29 Tree
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