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[df2978] by Daniel Frampton

Fix for RVM_915

2011-01-14 01:44:01 Tree
[1197a6] by Daniel Frampton

Classpath patch and test case for RVM-914

2011-01-13 06:42:28 Tree
[e13cae] by Daniel Frampton

Significant refactoring of MMTk-VM interface (merged from RVM-777 branch), primarily to give MMTk greater control over concurrency issues.

I will be watching for regressions over the next few days and am ready to back out if anything significant arises.

Remove precopy
Build-time logging for MMTk.
Move logic for coordinating GC into MMTk
Move concept of threads (contexts) into MMTk.
Change OutOfMemory logic.
Reintroduce basic concurrent mark sweep collector.
Make system threads more explicit.
Make JNI refs growth safer.

2010-09-08 05:08:52 Tree
[53c875] by Robin Garner

Several updates to the MMTk harness:
- build.xml now requires a 1.6 java implementation when building the Harness
- Additional sanity checks are now available, based on a table of
valid objects.
- The harness now respects the primitive write barriers (although they are
only usable by int types due to scripting language limitations)
- Bug fix for RVM-880
- Various changes to support MarkCompact.
- ReferenceProcessor supports MarkCompact
- Better support for automated testing in the script interpreter
(We always finsih with SUCCESS or FAIL)
- Some extra trace options
- Ordering of ints within longs now fixed

2010-05-14 06:34:31 Tree
[364a3f] by Robin Garner

Two extra test scripts and a build.xml for including mmtk harness tests into
the standard testing regime.

2010-05-05 08:01:54 Tree
[679e33] by Daniel Frampton

Add a trivial (failing) test that is the cause of RVM-827. Seems to be a problem related to nested JNI and Java frames wrt. GC.

2009-08-19 04:36:18 Tree
[1639cd] by Dave Grove

DaCapo xalan requires the VM to use a specific version of xalan,
which is not the same version found in modern JVM class libraries.
Add plumbing to tests.xml to allow test-specific settings of the
VM's bootclasspath and then use this mechanism in the dacapo build.xml
to ensure that the xalan code taken from the xalan.jar extracted from
dacapo.jar is loaded in preference to whatever xalan version may be
built-in to the classlibarary.

2009-08-14 21:19:29 Tree
[820168] by Dave Grove

fix typo

2009-08-06 11:58:25 Tree
[7751ec] by Dave Grove

add nio jar files to soot classpath

2009-08-05 13:29:04 Tree
[b6ac4a] by Dave Grove

add luni-kernel-stubs.jar to soot classpath so that soot can find

2009-08-03 13:01:27 Tree
[b9aa21] by Dave Grove

add annotation.jar to soot classpath for harmony libs

2009-08-02 17:30:33 Tree
[e6e33c] by Dave Grove

add next missing harmony jar file to soot class path

2009-07-31 13:51:44 Tree
[3c0783] by Dave Grove

Soot needs different command lines for different class libraries,
since it needs to be given the library jar files to analyze.
Modify build.xml to make that possible; will finish fixing
command line arguments for harmony in next commit.

2009-07-30 02:08:30 Tree
[31a6a2] by Dave Grove

checkstyle fix.

2009-07-29 19:59:12 Tree
[3480d1] by Dave Grove

Add standard license header.

2009-07-29 19:58:29 Tree
[3f25e0] by Robin Garner

Unit tests for the MMTk Harness Scheduler

2009-07-23 01:46:59 Tree
[3b9996] by Robin Garner

Unit tests adjusted to match r15732

2009-07-23 00:43:28 Tree
[b6815b] by Robin Garner

Unit test for the MMTk Harness' HeapEntry class

2009-07-16 23:42:40 Tree
[aacaaa] by Dave Grove

add additional test case from BK for getting the field of an implemented interface.

2009-06-19 16:21:18 Tree
[958fe3] by Dave Grove

RVM-831 : Fix bugs in GetFieldId and GetStaticField id. Code wasn't traversing inheritance hierarchy in proper fashion, which could result in the wrong instance field being found (if an instance field was shadowed) and in not finding static fields declared in superclasses/interfaces.

Also added modified test cases provided in the JIRA by BK to jni test suite.

2009-06-18 02:29:11 Tree
[b9a78b] by Dave Grove

RVM-817 WIP: Change from CPL to EPL in individual file license information.

2009-04-24 15:03:36 Tree
[5af15a] by Dave Grove

checkstyle fix.

2009-03-09 19:48:39 Tree
[d9564b] by Dave Grove

Unit test for stackframe elision contributed by
Suriya Subramanian as part of RVM-703.

2009-03-09 15:40:35 Tree
[9b14f0] by Ian Rogers

RVM-743. Shrink size of small heap for compress again. Compress will reliably run for me with a 27MB heap, making it 29MB here to undo the effect of r15255.

2009-02-20 16:29:50 Tree
[ffbaf8] by Filip Pizlo

Commit of Pure Native Threads.

This change removes green threads entirely, and unifies the threading/locking
model to just use native thread facilities. This change has been heavily
tested and has shown stability on par with what was previously in the trunk.

Performance on some benchmarks has regressed. On average the regression is
around 5%. This will be looked at.

Other issues remain. See sub-tasks of RVM-91.

Watch regressions carefully. This should Just Work, based on extensive
testing over the past several days.

2009-02-07 04:25:18 Tree
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