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Jikes RVM 3.0.1 Released

Jikes RVM version 3.0.1 has been released and is available for download at

The detailed release notes for major changes since 3.0.0 can be found below or in JIRA (

** New Feature
* [RVM-507] - Initial prototype of TuningFork trace generation in Jikes RVM
* [RVM-515] - Make boot image writer traversal of object graph configurable
* [RVM-517] - Reflection optimization
* [RVM-528] - Support for eclipse-project with Harmony class libraries
* [RVM-634] - Add RuntimePure annotation to indicate when a Pure annotation should only be respected at runtime
* [RVM-673] - Implement Inline.When.AssertionsDisabled pragma

** Improvement
* [RVM-291] - Immortal objects with address based hashing should set their hashed bit during boot image writing
* [RVM-443] - Avoid back references in java.lang.reflect VMXXX classes
* [RVM-476] - Make lock allocation thread-model-agnostic.
* [RVM-627] - Use java.nio for writing boot image
* [RVM-632] - Space improvements of RVMClass.objectCache
* [RVM-633] - Avoid the use of Reflection to invoke Object.finalize()
* [RVM-644] - Reduce copying of char[] in java.lang.reflect.Proxy
* [RVM-650] - Ask users to submit bug reports on Jikes RVM crashes

** Bug
* [RVM-172] - Failing DaCapo benchmarks on PPC 32 OS X
* [RVM-288] - Assertion failure in inline oracle
* [RVM-318] - java.util.Scanner is unimplemented
* [RVM-346] - SPECjvm98: Invalid runs should not be SUCCESSes
* [RVM-410] - Problem with changes to stack walk
* [RVM-440] - Poisoned tests failing in finalizer thread
* [RVM-471] - Stack frame alignment broken for Intel on OS/X
* [RVM-605] - Possible fix for FreeListPageResource.releasePages()
* [RVM-606] - Problems with OSR guarded inlining of invokeinterface
* [RVM-614] - BaseBasePoisoned build segfaults during VM bootup on pcc64-linux
* [RVM-617] - DaCapo bloat fails with Apache Harmony class library
* [RVM-619] - DaCapo eclipse fails with Apache Harmony class library
* [RVM-621] - DaCapo xalan fails with Apache Harmony class library
* [RVM-623] - Intel 16bit operations with immediate operands in some cases generate 32bit immediate operands rather than 16bit
* [RVM-631] - Bug in new Finalization code
* [RVM-636] - Crash in reflection during JSR-166 TCK
* [RVM-643] - Invalid InstructionFormat usage in Simplifier, but real bug is that IR is semantically malformed
* [RVM-645] - Bug in LiveAnalysis related to modeling of dataflow through Exception edges in the FCFG
* [RVM-646] - Immix defrag broken
* [RVM-652] - build failure on IA32 OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

** Tasks and Sub-task
* [RVM-651] - Add support to Intel assembler for REX prefix byte
* [RVM-667] - Modify the implementation of table switch
* [RVM-669] - Build/boot image runner support for x86 64
* [RVM-671] - Fix spill location size estimates

Posted by Dave Grove 2008-10-16