> Sure, 12812 and 12813 are massively trivial and neither amounts to code
> which will actually get exercised by the head. In fact a reasonable
> person would remove 12812 from the head for this reason. I wouldn't
> merge 12813 into the head as compiler framework in the branch differs
> from that in the head with more verbose errors messages. I'm happy to
> merge these changes into the head but I was waiting for feedback on the
> e-mail I sent today. I'll happily pull them across tomorrow. I hope we
> can drop the authoritarian language and notion that I am doing anything
> other than fixing weaknesses in the RVM, I don't think people are doing
> themselves or the project justice. I also think its far too easy to let
> petty politicking disrupt positive forward momentum.

That would be nice.  In the time you and I have wasted sending email at each other, you could have just done the dual commit.  I was a little surprised that you hadn't just done it that way in the first place since we'd had a completely reasonable in person conversation about the branches just before lunch and the importance of being very careful about keeping the branch focused exactly to avoid wasting project time in silly conversations like this one...

I agree people are not doing their reputation any good.  Could we all please just be happy developers and do what we've agreed to do?