Jikes RVM 2.1.0 is now available from the developerworks web site.

This is release 2.1.0 of the Jikes RVM. This release
provides some significant refactoring and new functionality,
as well as bug fixes.

IMPORTANT: new prerequisite! The Jikes RVM now requires
JazzLib. The jconfigure script will download it automatically.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are aware of a bug in the IBM DK for
Linux/IA32 v1.3.1 when building Jikes RVM. Stick with
version v1.3.0 until this bug can be resolved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The concurrent collector is no longer
functional in Jikes RVM 2.1.0.

Highlights of this release include:
- Introduction of a plug-in parameterized object model, as
described in the ECOOP 2002 paper by Bacon, Fink & Grove.
The MarkSweep configurations now have a one-word header
for most objects. All configurations now use 32-bit
address-based hashing.
- Introduction of a "magic" VM_Address type, representing
a raw address manipulated by the VM. Currently both
platforms implement VM_Address as an unsigned
32-bit integer.
- Significant refactoring of the memory management system,
to reduce replicated code and support more functionality.
- Signficant refactoring of the VM interface to the
standard libraries, introducing the
com.ibm.JikesRVM.librarySupport package to help porting
to use another standard library implementation.
- The original PowerPC linear scan implementation is
deleted, and the new IA32 linear scan implementation
has been refactored and ported to support both IA32 and
- The optimizing compiler now inlines trivial callees even
at optimization level zero.
- Significant improvements in speed of the optimizing
compiler's register allocation and Heap Array SSA
construction phases.
- Some more support for miscellaneous library functions
including class loaders and some system services.
- Miscellaneous enhancements to JDP.
- Support for reading/using Soot-style class file annotations.
- Elimination of the classloading lock (VM_ClassLoader.lock).

To see more details on other miscellaneous bug fixes, see
the developerWorks bug tracking software tool and CVS
history. The following bugs in version 2.0.3 are
fixed in 2.1.0:
2128: getMostRecentlyGeneratedCompilerInfo
2359: update RunSanityTests default
2739: static synchronized methods in boot image
2763: jdp 'thread' command broken
2772: IA32: problems with physical registers in LIR
2794: Classes resolved but not in boot image
2806: IA32: genThreadSwitchTest for deterministic thread
2823: VM_Lister of CMPXCHG
2831: BaseBase GC Map bug for Native Bridge