Jikes RVM version 2.4.6 is now available for download from sourceforge.net at  

** Highlights
*** The recommended version of GNU classpath for Jikes RVM 2.4.6 is 0.92.
   Earlier versions of GNU classpath are not supported.

*** A large scale restructuring of the source tree was performed
   to prepare for making it easier to develop Jikes RVM using Eclipse.
   All files except for the Java source to Jikes RVM itself was moved
   out of the RVM_ROOT/rvm directory.  RVM_ROOT/rvm itself has not yet
   been reorganized so that package/directory structures match, but we
   anticipate this happening in the near future.

*** Major refactoring of VM<->MM interface

*** MMTk: Added nurseries to each LOS and created a distinct "primitive large
   object space" (PLOS).

*** The optimizing compiler is now reentrant and a command line options
   to enable parallel bootimage compilation has been added to jbuild

*** Updates and improvements to GCspy support (patch 1576064).

** Bug fixes
  Too many to list individually in the release notes. Yeah!
  Overall a significant increase in system stability since 2.4.5.
  See svnlog -r10694:10905 for the gory details.

** Other Notes

*** Change bootimage options for the opt compiler to use default static
   inlining heurisitcs (instead of being more aggressive).  This reduces
   bootimage size by 20%, bootimage build time by 2-3x, and appears to have
   minimal performance impact.

*** We now implement JNI_OnLoad functionality.

*** Modifications to the boot image writer and VM.boot so that certain
   known fields are populated during boot image write time, thereby
   avoiding the need to run class initializers in VM.boot. Typically
   we fail to populate a field value when it's part of the bootstrap
   JVM and in some way protected. Further improvements to this mechanism
   are in progress.

*** If GNU classpath is built with JAWT support, the Jikes RVM build process
   now copies the additional native libraries it requires.

*** Added regression testing support for latest version (2006-10-RC2) of
   DaCapo benchmarks and for SPECjbb2005. Also updated soot test to 2.2.3.

*** We can now build using the IBM 5.0 JVMs as hosts.  However, you
   must set HOST_VM_TYPE=IBM-50 to activate code in the bootimage
   writer makefile that works around what appears to be a JIT bug.

*** GNU classpath support for java.lang.instrumentation and the
   -javaagent command line argument was added.