Kathryn McKinley <mckinley@cs.utexas.edu> wrote on 12/12/2009 03:01:22 PM:

> Dear Andy & others using Jikes RVM,
> It is in your best interest to contribute all your code to Jikes RVM.
> YOU WILL BECOME MORE CITED & FAMOUS if you (1) contribute a research
> patch or (2) take the time to contribute to the head of Jikes RVM.
> WHY will this happen?  

> By making your code available in the head,  future researchers must
> build on it when they download the latest  version.  Thus, if they
> do something at all related to your work, they will need to cite
> your paper, and likely will also read it. ;-)

> If some researcher has an idea based on your work, now they can
> quickly implement  and publish it.  Your work is thus likely to have
> much more influence if it is available in code in Jikes RVM because
> it reduces the time others need to take to build on your ideas.  
> (Together with my collaborators, we have an endless stream of
> examples on this front.)

> It builds your research reputation as a person/group who produces
> verifiable results that contribute to the scientific endeavor as
> both ideas and infrastructure, on which others can build.

> Please contribute all code that results in a publication to Jikes
> RVM as at least research patch, and at best, to the head.
> Kathryn S McKinley
> Professor of Computer Science
> The University of Texas at Austin,

I fully agree with Kathryn.

The time it takes to do this will be paid off in many ways.  
Please keep the big picture in mind.

Michael Hind, Senior Manager, Programming Technologies Department
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center