Hello all,

       I'm trying to modify the LargeObjectSpace so that some (user selected) objects will always be treated as marked.

       From looking at the code, I'm not sure I have a complete understanding of how the LargeObjectSpace actually works. It seems like, as the collector traverse, object references are copied from one list to another. Then, after traversing all the live objects, any remaining objects in the from list are released during the RELEASE phase.

       So, if I want to ensure my user selected objects are not released, I need only ensure that they (their addresses) are always added to the to the closure of live objects is complete.  

        Am I missing anything here? I see lots of mention of a "nursery" in the code, but I'm not sure what is being referred to (not the nursery in a generational garbage collector?).

                 Thanks for any help,
                       Nathan Ricci
                       Tufts University