Dear all,

a) RDB doesn't use any license. We can pick any license that is compatible with Jikes RVM project or we can transfer the ownership of RDB to Jikes RVM project. Currently there are two people working on RDB -- Matthias and myself. We'll submit contributor statements. There are no files in RDB that are based on files supplied by Mac OS X.  We studied how GDB controls an inferior process on Mac OS X and implemented our own IPC procedures.  There's no code borrowing or copying in any form.

b) Jikes RVM Linux build includes building RDB. In fact even now RDB can be used on Linux as RVM boot image viewer. The missing part is the code that interacts with a running RVM process. We plan to implement this, but we can't guarantee how soon this will be done.

c) We currently don't have automated tests for testing RDB, but I believe it is important to add such tests.

d) We synchronize the current RDB repository with the commits in the official RVM repository. The integration process should be no more complex than applying a patch that we'll submit. We'll definitely continue working on RDB as we plan to add more features and we're committed to fixing the defects.



On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 11:56 PM, Steve Blackburn <> wrote:
I am very enthusiastic about RDB.   I think it offers a great boost to the usability of the VM, so adds a lot of value to the project.

However, Erik makes very good points below.   Dmitri, can you respond to these?

On 09/10/2013, at 6:55 AM, Erik Brangs <> wrote:
> a) Which license does RDB use? Is the code license clean? If it is provided under the EPL, we would need contributor statements. I assume that we already have those for Dmitri Makarov and Matthias Hauswirth. We would also need them for other contributors if there are any.
> IIRC rdb contains some files that were based on files supplied by Mac OS. In general, we would need to review all files for license compatibility.
> b) Should we integrate RDB without support for Linux? We don't have any regression machines that run Mac OS and I don't know whether a member from the core team has access to a Mac (I don't). I'd be more comfortable with merging RDB if it supported Linux.
> c) Are there any plans to add automated tests to RDB?
> d) Who will do the required work? Do any of the RDB developers commit to supporting it in the future?



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