On 12/11/2007, Ian Rogers <ian.rogers@manchester.ac.uk> wrote:
Fern Moon wrote:
> Hello,
>    I found a problem when I compile jikesrm2.9.2.  It report a
> configure error--missing lib . But  I find the that the lib exits.
> .....
>      [exec] checking for remove... yes
>      [exec] checking for shmat... yes
>      [exec] checking for IceConnectionNumber in -lICE... no
>      [exec] checking for XTestQueryExtension in -lXtst... no
>      [exec] configure: error: libXtst NOT found, required for GdkRobot
> /home/fern/Project/RVM/jikesrvm-2.9.2/build/components/classpath.xml:189:
> exec returned: 1

Hi Fern,

it may be worth checking you've got the 32bit versions of libXtst
installed. The Jikes RVM doesn't yet run as a 64bit application on the
Intel x86 64 architecture.


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Also, it's not the library itself this check is looking for, but the header files.  In a lot of GNU/Linux distributions, this can mean installing an additional development package (something like libxtst-dev) as these aren't included with the library.  I've run into this a few times, as the libxtst headers are not generally installed as a matter of course.
Andrew :-)

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