On 6/22/07, Eliot Moss <moss@cs.umass.edu> wrote:
In the past anyway, one did not need special cross-compile tool chains. You
build the RVM image ON the ia32 machine, but FOR ppc (i.e., it has compiled
code in it for the PPC), and then build the boot image runner on the PPC
side. I am aware that people have used cross-compilation tools in the past,
but that was because they had limited platforms that could not build the
boot image runner.

This is still possible in the current build system via something like

# On host
$ ant -Dconfig.name=prototype-opt -Dhost.name=ia32-linux -Dtarget.name=ppc32-linux cross-compile-host
# On target
$ ant -Dconfig.name=prototype-opt -Dhost.name=ppc32-linux cross-compile-target

Peter Donald