On 6/15/07, viz <zeffron@hmc.edu> wrote:

I have written a package that I would like to be a part of the RVM I'm
running.  I do not care if it is a part of the RVM conditionally based on a
property that needs to be set either at command line or in some file, or is
unconditionally added.  However, I cannot determine how to cause a build of
the RVM to include the package.  The package is used by the TraceLocal code
inside the RVM, so it is required by any collector that uses tracing.  How
would I build the RVM including this package?

Theres three things that need to be addressed when including code within the RVM.
1. getting it compiled
2. getting it included in rvm jar
3. getting it included in bootimage

for (1) you need to look at build.xml:875 and make sure the path to your source is included there. For (2) look at build.xml:932  to make sure your classes are included there and for (3) look at line 954 to make sure classes included in primordial list.

Hope that helps,

Peter Donald