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[c1ec9b] by Daniel Frampton Daniel Frampton

Database migration to change revision to a string

2011-05-26 07:14:48 Tree
[ca2115] by Dave Grove

Update cattrack license from CPL to EPL.
Forgot about this portion of the repository when we
did rvmroot/trunk

2009-07-23 14:39:56 Tree
[9d35f2] by Dave Grove

Merge of the upgrade-to-rails-2.2 branch to the trunk.

The changes don't actually get us to working on rails 2.2,
but do include a number of changes that make it easier to
do forward development of cattrack and deploy it to a mongrel
cluster served by a proxy-balancing httpd via capistrano.

Will re-visit upgrading rails version in the future,
most likely on the trunk now that the machinery is
in place to more easily roll deployed versions

2009-03-16 18:17:32 Tree
[17688a] by Peter Donald

Use more portable method of reseting pk sequence

2007-10-08 01:49:32 Tree
[482946] by Peter Donald

Remove force from table creation statements

2007-09-16 11:54:17 Tree
[7ff777] by Peter Donald

Revert to not storing schema.rb in subversion as generation of this file is not stable

2007-09-15 06:19:04 Tree
[c689b3] by Peter Donald

Add license

2007-09-15 05:12:20 Tree
[bc50cb] by Peter Donald

Add in schema that mirrors the production database. Unfortunately this
is needed as it looks like someone has hand modified the tables which
have created index names that can not be known after just running
migration. This file will need to be updated everytime a new migration
is added.

2007-09-15 05:08:45 Tree
[e53286] by Peter Donald

Record the fact that we are tracking statistic for bootimage size

2007-09-12 04:37:01 Tree
[a96c4d] by Peter Donald

Change sequence modifier so that it matches characteristics of production database

2007-09-04 00:00:35 Tree
[52da73] by Peter Donald

Add an analysis step that munges test_case_execution statistics and puts then into test_case_statistics

2007-09-02 14:20:44 Tree
[cbeee9] by Peter Donald

Make it possible to attach arbitrary statistics to test_cases

2007-09-02 11:49:55 Tree
[520fb5] by Peter Donald

Rework statistic selection for the performance report so that it uses a more general mechanism.

2007-09-02 08:21:00 Tree
[768239] by Peter Donald

Remove unused attributes from test_case as the information all available in command attribute now

2007-09-02 06:54:27 Tree
[ff8cde] by Peter Donald

Bump the seq a little jsut in case more tests added

2007-09-02 06:40:27 Tree
[417a5b] by Peter Donald

Add license header

2007-09-02 06:39:53 Tree
[7d1ffa] by Peter Donald

Make sure the end_time is recorded and displayed

2007-09-02 06:34:57 Tree
[d395e8] by Peter Donald

Rename occurred_at to start_time in test_runs

2007-09-02 05:54:55 Tree
[d9f9d8] by Peter Donald

Rename test_case_result to test_case_execution

2007-09-02 05:23:14 Tree
[d9f7f1] by Peter Donald

Data migration should use 'default' as name rather than '1' to avoid spurious changes in cross-over

2007-09-02 00:53:20 Tree
[4c3845] by Peter Donald

Make sure the sequence was updated so next insert works as advertised.

2007-09-02 00:44:42 Tree
[d51ded] by Peter Donald

Introduce a separate test_case_results table and hang all results of it so that multiple sets of results for each test can be gathered

2007-09-01 13:30:15 Tree
[7c0843] by Peter Donald

Remove olap entries from audit log

2007-09-01 00:46:23 Tree
[852733] by Peter Donald

Fix SQL syntax error

2007-09-01 00:37:33 Tree
[56f320] by Peter Donald

Remove the data mining interface as it takes a lot of energy to maintain and not used by anyone other than me.

Fix For: RVM-199

2007-09-01 00:32:14 Tree
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