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JHOVE 1.2 is back up

I've put the source files for the ODF and PNG modules into a separate directory. They require at least one third-party library to build. These and any other new modules that aren't OIS-reviewed will go in the "extramodules" directory. Except for the addition of this directory, everything is the same as in yesterday's release. -- Gary

Posted by Gary McGath 2009-02-11

JHOVE 1.2 temporarily pulled

Sorry, but there were two JAR files for third-party modules that somehow got into the lib directory. Since these don't have source code in CVS to go with them, they shouldn't have been there. I'll fix it up as soon as I can. -- Gary

Posted by Gary McGath 2009-02-10


JHOVE 1.2 is now available for downloading. It fixes assorted bugs and supports MIX 2.0.

Posted by Gary McGath 2009-02-10

CVS repository is up

The CVS repository is up, though there's still a lot to do before the site is useful.


Posted by Gary McGath 2008-03-23