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JHOVE 1.11 beta

JHOVE 1.11b1 is available for downloading at

I've made some changes to the .bat files which are UNTESTED. Attempts to
get JHOVE to run on my feeble Windows XP laptop have failed. Please try
running at least JHOVE.BAT and let me know if it works.

If I don't hear of any problems, I'll release it in a couple of weeks as

Here are the latest release notes:


  1. I've added lots of logging code. Calls at the FINE level and lower
    don't show up no matter what I do, so I've put them at the INFO level.
    The level is set in

  2. All .bat and _bat.tmpl files now have CR-LF line endings. That is, they
    do in the gzip and zip archives you download. I'm not sure how
    SourceForge will treat files that you download individually,
    but hopefully it will have the sense to keep CR-LF when downloading
    to a Windows system.

  3. All .bat files now assume JHOVE_HOME is the directory from which they're
    run. They no longer try to set JAVA_HOME (which was still stuck in
    Java 1.4 and probably wasn't working for many people), instead assuming
    that the JAVA command is available on the command line.

  4. All javac commands in build.xml files now specify source=1.5 for
    compatibility with more recent compilers.


  1. Fix to PDF module, submitted by willp-bl, may reduce tendency
    to run out of heap space on some files.
Posted by Gary McGath 2013-09-22